Monday, January 04, 2016

Nexus 5x Quick Review

This is a large phone.  Very large.  I have already dropped it twice while trying to use it with one hand out of habit.  I will probably never jog with this phone and I don't think it will fit in my light belt.  Other than that, it's exactly like my first gen Moto X so far as I can tell.  And none of my old chargers are compatible with the USB-c cable.  The one really nice thing and the whole reason I bought it though is that it has better reception mostly thanks to having support for T-Mobile's band 12 LTE signal.  I get a signal on the Ting GSM SIM card in my basement now that I didn't get with the Moto X or the 3rd gen Moto G (which I returned).  That's worth giving up on getting a phone I can comfortably use with one hand.  Also, they replaced double-twist to launch the camera with double clicking the power button.

If they made a handheld size Nexus phone, I would sell this one in a heartbeat.  In the meantime, it's an ok compromise.

Also, the google flip case is way too expensive, and the only generic one I could find that puts the phone to sleep when you close it hasn't arrived yet.