Friday, February 20, 2015

Amazon Freetime Quick Review

We have a Amazon Fire HD 7 tablet and have set up profiles for the kids and started a free trial month of the freetime book subscription for children.  It's cool, but the Kindle reader app is insanely sensitive.  They are twitchy little kids and keep randomly turning pages or failing to zoom the text.  They need to severely limit the possible inputs when a kid is reading.  Pages should only turn if you swipe, not if you tap.  Zooming the text should be much easier than the rapid double tap it requires now.  The orientation should lock automatically.  It should be harder to get out of the full screen and show the android buttons and the dropdown menu.  As it is, we're unlikely to continue the subscription, but if they address the problems so that the kids can actually read the books, I'd consider paying for it.  Also, it needs a voice reader function like the FBReader TTS+ or at least a word assistance function that helps kids sound words out phoenetically or just reads the whole word for very long words (I don't care if my 6 year old can sound out "disqualification" yet).

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