Monday, November 11, 2013

Slow Getting Up by Nate Jackson

Finished this book yesterday.  It was good and detailed and painted an interesting, if not all that surprising, picture of the NFL.  He adds a human element to the regular TV spectacle and generally comes down harder on himself than anybody else.  Parts of it can be rambling, but for the most part, he reins it in.  The style seems influenced by Hunter S Thompson, but it isn't quite that haphazard or funny.  The most striking thing after having finished the book is how even though he can see that football has used him up physically, he doesn't regret it or seem bitter towards the league at all.  A worthwhile read.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Google Calendars

I use google's calendar for keep track of personal events and my company also switched to google apps for business (which was a horrible decision because everything except the hangouts feature is crap compared to their competition).  So I'd like to copy a few important events from the business calendar to the personal calendar.  I shared the business calendar with my personal account, but it only showed "Out" and no details for all the events.  So I forwarded the invitation, but that did nothing except give me the information in a different place (no fancy "import this event" on the attached .ics file).  I tried to open the event in android where I have both calendars, but there was no way to copy it.  So I had to export the event as an .ics file from the business calendar, then reimport them in the personal calendar.  That is regressive behavior which is why I liked MS Exchange better.  I'm not that special and there's no way I'm the only one who hits these minor annoyances every other day.  It has to be more than just email to meet my needs, I guess.  Google apps are still siloed except for a few tiny footbridges (and a bunch of google plus junk sprayed all over everything like a skunk frat party was just there).

Also, google voice is removing the ability to make softphone calls: .  So they've got followme ring groups and bad transcripts, but not much else.