Monday, March 25, 2013

OSS Endpoint Manager + Polycom 501 LineKeys Fix

Using OSS Endpoint manager and our polycom phones, I could not get any lineKeys settings to propagate to the generated _reg.cfg files.  I could edit the files after they were generated and reload the phones just fine, but if I made any changes in the freepbx gui, my changes would just be overwritten.  So, under Connectivity->OSS Endpoint Template Manager, I created a new template that was a clone of the polycom 501 templates.  I edited my template (clicked the pencil), then I edited $mac_reg.cfg and changed line 33 from:
on the assumption that $lineKeys just wasn't being defined no matter what you enter in the GUI.  After that, I regenerated the config for all of my phones and rebooted them all because I like hearing that beeping sound go all the way through our offices and it worked fine.

Next up is removing all the config that doesn't apply to the 500 series phones since they are taking like 8 times longer to boot up now than they did with trixbox.

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