Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Liferay Upgrade Fun

Upgraded a different site with slightly different configuration.  Also only going from 6.0.4 to 6.1.0 this time.  I had a thousand times less data so it was extremely fast.  I also abandonded my customizations on this site becuase I'm sick of dealing with converting an ext environment to an ext plugin.  If I need to change crap, I'll do it directly in the trunk source.  Screw extensions.
  • Unlogged in users can see my private sites!!  They can't see the content, but they should just get redirected to a login page.  Supposedly this is already fixed in the nightlies.  I don't have public sites on this installation at all so this is a major annoyance.  I was just bouncing users from to and now they are confused because instead of a sign in page, they see "you don't have permission to view this" inside 5 different contentless portlets. 
  • My image gallery was upgraded, but the images were saved on the file system as "1.0", while the file version the document library had saved was "1" leading to a lot of file not found exceptions until I did a find/rename.
  • Images that were in subfolders didn't make it through the upgrade.  I'll have to grab them from the backup, manually figure out which picture is what, and places them in the file system location liferay is checking or reupload through the front end.
  • This process never ever works 100% right.  Backups are crucial because you need to manually fix things after the upgrade.

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