Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Play Comments

Google Play Books does not include Project Gutenberg content.  In my view, there is no more important reason for an electronic book store.  FBReader rocks though.

Google Play Music is annoying.  There is a Music app thingy on my phone already.  It included quick, simple, lockscreen controls.  It can't play Google Music files, probably because they are all named 001.ogg in some random folder which it doesn't know to search.  If I use the google play music player, I get no lockscreen controls, and there is no equalizer on the output and it sounds like crap in my car.  If I use the built-in one, I can only play stuff from my computer or from Amazon, but it sounds great.  If I use the amazon player, still can't play the google ogg audio files, the lockscreen controls are big ugly and can accidentally close the player app, but there is an equalizer.  I'm going to stick with Amazon for actually paying for music.

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