Friday, April 20, 2012

OpenHardware DC

That was moderately fun.  Only one stupid question from the peanut gallery (some NASA guy compared open source hardware to growing marijuana and talked for a long time preventing me from getting in my question about when techies should decide to call in the MBAs or take business classes themselves), but several neato things at the demos.

Conductive playdoh for building circuits:

RepRap, MakerBot, of course (3d printers).  Got to play with one of the gears hearts.

Sparkfun guy was there with tons of arduinos and other gadgets.

A toy piano covered with pieces of either fruit or jello which then work as real toy piano keys.

Bunnie Huang

A seeing eye glove which senses distance and feeds it back to the wearer somehow (I didn't hear how)

HacDC guy talking about the DC hackerspace which is in Columbia Heights and too far away from my house for me to attend.

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