Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remote Controls

There are a hundred remote control programs for Droid and iPhone and some of them have the ability to learn remote codes.  I'd like the option to take a photo of my real remote and map the buttons in the image to remote codes that the phone learns.  Then just use the photo of the remote as the interface.  Include the fact that the program will consider learned remote codes and photos of remotes as public domain data and you could have a nice IR-remote wiki too.

Washington Gas Customer Service Issue

If you have tenants move into a house you own and they crank the heat to 80 like dummies, Washington Gas won't read the meter when the account is transferred.  They'll wait till the end of the month and then when you complain that your bill should be ~$30 like it has been for the past months while the property was unoccupied, they'll concede and do a simple pro-rating where they take off a percentage of the bill for the amount of time that they overbilled you for instead of adjusting to the real much much lower amount that you would have owed if they had done their job in the first place.  Then they'll disable your ability to pay through their website just to add an extra hurdle 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Netflix Pain in the Butt

Netflix streaming is failing more and more in Windows 7. Windows Media Center shows a login page instead of a movie when you hit play (despite signing out/in repeatedly and uninstall/reinstalling the netflix plugin) and now boxee is just showing a blank screen instead of playing movies.  At least XBMC and the Wii still work, although the Wii isn't HD.