Thursday, March 10, 2011

Microsoft Online BPOS Tech Support

I rue support tickets with these guys.  It's like talking to a ghost standing on the other side of a long hallway who is also unwilling to open their mouth more than a millimeter to let the sound of them speaking get past their lips unless it's quieter than a feather falling onto fresh snow in the Himalayas.  I swear I don't answer the phone with them because out of 4 or 5 support tickets, I have never once understood anything they said without three or four clarifications.  I need one of those old people mega-blaster amplifiers for my phone or something.  Or they need to SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't care what kind of wonderfully peaceful quiet office you guys are in.  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!  THIS PROBLEM IMPEDES YOUR ABILITY TO DO YOUR OWN JOB! 

Doesn't matter if I'm on a landline or a cell, you guys are way too quiet.  I can't even understand the voicemails when I turn my computer speakers up to full volume because you're averaging the same decibel level as the noise floor on a typical phone line.  And I know it's not always the same guy (although it was at least the first two times).  I'd open a ticket about it but that would make my head explode.


That Guy said...

Have you noticed the change in phone sound recently? Just got off the phone with Microsoft BPOS support and Googled “bpos technical support awful” and saw your blog.
I've noticed the last few callbacks from Microsoft in regards to my tickets the sound quality has been really bad, and it doesn't help that the guy calling me has one of the thickest Indian accents I've heard in tech support (and as an administrator, 20% of my job is talking to India call centers). I'm forced to ask the guy to repeat everything 3-4 times, and eventually it just gets too infuriating to keep up.
The sound quality was never a problem before, and I don't think the callbacks were coming from India (I believe they have a Florida Call center as well as a west coast one). I was curious if there was a recent change.
I deal with BPOS tech support, and with a few exception, it's awful. Unless you get lucky, the guy on the other end of the line is as technically qualified as someone working at Dominoes, there is no way the call center is hiring people based on technical experience. This is not what I expect when I call a business technical support line for administrators. It’s gotten to the point now that I’m debating my company’s migration from BPOS to Office 365 and looking into Google Apps. I’m a fan of Microsoft products, but when I’m having problems there is nothing worse than talking for 20 minutes to a guy who knows less about BPOS than you do.
Have to stop myself from venting further.

he said said...

The guys I worked with seemed technically competent where it was required, but still just too quiet. Luckily, I haven't had to file a ticket since I posted this so haven't had the chance to notice any change.