Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hudson NTP Bug

If you have a subversion server in a DMZ with no NTP server, the clock will drift.  If you have a Hudson build server outside of that DMZ with an accurate clock and you've setup a project to build using the dmz svn server, it will not automatically just check out the head revision.  Instead it will look at the clock time and get the code from subversion based on that.  Which, if you've got drift, means you'll need to wait 10 minutes to build the files you just checked in.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


This would probably patentable if somebody hasn't already filed for it. 

A two display interface for showing sheet music. 
The displays may use electronic ink or other low power display technology. 
Networked versions would "turn" to the next page automatically when the right part of the song is reached. 
Student models could put LEDs behind or LCDs in front of the electronic ink to indicate where in the song the student should be. 
A metronome could be incorporated as another blinking LED of another color. 
In networked models, the metronomes and current location indicators would be synchronized for all students in a room.
The device would display PDFs, postscript, and lilypond files.  Other file formats could be supported with software updates.
Wireless networking would allow upload of new sheet music in addition to the option of a memory card slot (SD,microSD or USB key).