Monday, February 01, 2010

Ungoogleable VIM Question

This can't be searched on the web easily mostly because google is moronic about searching for spelling variants of what I type when I know exactly what I want.  So I will rely on other people's google alerts to help me as they have in the past.  The docs/faq are so far equally unhelpful.

Why is VIM 7.2 launching short lived dos/command prompt windows whenever I save?  I have nobackup set and no other obvious options that would affect save behavior.  The window is too short lived for me to click on it and freeze it (I have slow reactions), but is still causing a pain in the butt delay every time I save.  Not to mention it screws up my window focus.

Update: Turns out it was eclim doing the popup.  It is now uninstalled and forgotten. 

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