Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windows 7 ReadyBoost

It's ok, I guess.  It's faster (because I installed it on a faster computer).  But I tried to setup a 16GB usb flash drive as a readyboost drive and it took me a while to get straight.  First, since I had been using the drive with Linux, most of it was extfs3 formatted and windows happily formatted the last 200MB and wouldn't tell me why the friggin drive capacity didn't match.  Then, when I found that I could open Computer Management (Right click My Computer) to get a disk management screen that let me delete the linux partition, it wouldn't let me delete the stupid 200MB windows partition it had made.  So I had to use diskpart in a dos prompt to do it.  Finally, I was able to format the whole 16GB drive (as a 15.04GB drive).  But it wouldn't work with readyboost even though it's a recent purchase USB 2.0 drive.  Turns out that NTFS formatted, it was too slow, but exFat it was fine.  So I finally have my flash cache and booting should be quick. 

I still would rather have used Linux but I want a few windows only features and I chose the wrong hardware.  Turns out supporting AMD because they're releasing open source graphics drivers was the wrong plan.  I should have supported NVidia because they release graphics drivers that don't suck.  Also, I really wanted to stream Netflix.  If that's ever possible on Linux again, I'll switch back.

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