Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DC Antiscalping Laws DC AG Response

This is part of a response to an inquiry to the DC Attorney General's Office asking what specific law forbids scalping.

You may review the DC Municipal Regulations
online by visiting the DC government, Office of the Secretary website.



While nothing in this correspondence should be construed as legal advice, you will find the following:
Chapter 24 DC Municipal Regulations
500.5 No person shall sell or offer to sell tickets from the sidewalks,
streets, or public spaces anywhere in the District of Columbia for any
excursion, theatrical performance, opera, ball game, or any
entertainment of any kind.

We would like you to know that the Attorney General for the District of
Columbia, like the state attorneys general, serves as a lawyer for the
District of Columbia government. In that capacity, the Attorney General
represents the District of Columbia, the Mayor, and various District
government agencies, officials, and employees in litigation. The
Attorney General also provides legal advice and transactional assistance
to the government, its agencies, and officials. However, the Attorney
General is generally without authority to represent private individuals
in litigation, to provide legal advice to private citizens, or to
conduct legal research on their behalf. 

Summary: Read DC Code Title 24, Chapter 5, Section 500.5.  The quotation above is accurate.

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