Thursday, April 02, 2009

Samsung Omnia Quick Review

The Omnia is an iPhone clone for Verizon Wireless. It's got 802.11b/g wireless and a 5 megapixel camera.

  • Windows Mobile is a kickass operating system with lots of available software to do absolutely anything.
  • The camera is awesome. It will actually focus and the pictures look really nice if your subject isn't moving. It's a slow shutter, but still the best phone camera I've ever seen.
  • You just use normal headphones with a 3.5mm plug and their connector cable has a microphone for when you want to talk while driving or whatever.
  • The wi-fi is nice even though it eats up your battery.
  • It includes Opera Mobile.
  • There is an optical trackpad (like a mini-version of the mouse pad on laptops or like an optical mouse turned upside down) for when you can't point accurately enough. It's a nice backup feature.

  • The touchscreen is slow to respond to your input.
  • The stylus isn't built in.
  • The antenna gets bad reception. Calls will drop a lot if you touch the wrong part of the phone.
  • Contacts and Company Directory aren't integrated (only matters if you use Active Sync)
  • It takes two button presses to open the Contacts page. Because people dial numbers from memory all the time in this day and age.
  • The screen is glossy and acts like a mirror in the sun.
  • Voice commands either aren't easy to use or just don't work. I still haven't managed to get this to work despite much effort.
  • The GPS is completely useless. It has never worked no matter how out in the open I am. GPS that Verizon Wireless wasn't going to disable is one of the reasons I bought the phone.
  • The FM Radio doesn't appear to work. I'm not trying to get distant stations here . . .
  • MSN Live Search "Locate Me" feature doesn't work.
  • You're forced to buy an unlimited internet plan even if you will use less than 10MB/month.
  • The virtual keyboard takes up 3/4ths of the screen.
  • Samsung's default screen widgets are annoying and pointless. But you can turn them off and use the regular Windows Mobile home screen.
  • No included travel charger.
I think that a lot of what I hate about this phone is more due to Verizon Wireless than Samsung.

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