Monday, March 23, 2009

Electronic Library

I have this idea for an extra display next to my computer using electronic paper instead of a monitor.  It would take a flash memory card (SD, microSD, or whatever), have ethernet built in, and basically be a library.  You would install a virtual printer that would send documents to this device over the network or use a simple web interface.  Documents would be classified by dewey decimal or some variant.  They would be stored on the device as TeX or LaTeX, with a sqllite DB to store the categorization/classification info (much like jsr-170 document libraries, but without java). 

It would be a decent replacement for printing stuff out with the exception that I don't think color e-Ink has really arrived yet. 
I'm thinking it could be implemented on an ardunio and it probably wouldn't use a whole heckuva lot of power.

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