Thursday, January 29, 2009

liferay jackrabbit config location?

I'm posting it here because every time I try to put it on the liferay forums I get an "Invalid Message Error". That's just so representative of my entire liferay experience, it boggles the mind.


I'm working on a deployment of liferay 5.1.2 and I've got the jackrabbit repository working against the database just fine. But when it goes to production, I don't know what the directory structure where it's deployed will look like and I'm trying to reduce the installation instructions to the most minimal state possible. So I'm hoping to find the answer to one of two questions:

Where could I put my version of repository.xml in the ext environment to have my repository.xml be the default one that gets created in the user.home directory when none exists before?


When I specify jcr.jackrabbit.repository.config.file.path in, what path is that relative to? As in, what would it need to be to reference repository.xml in the WEB-INF/classes directory assuming tomcat could be anywhere on the disk? I tried
several dozen values but could never get anything except an absolute path to the config file to load my version instead of using the defaults.

I know we can just work around this by telling the install guys to edit or copy repository.xml to the executing user's home directory, I just would prefer to have them change as little as possible to reduce the chance of an error.

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