Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Need a Better Search Engine

Google no longer searches for what I type. It is programmed to treat people like total idiots. If you search for a plural (even if you put + in front of the search term), it also returns nonplurals, infinitives, and gerunds. If you search for a something like "TempGetStateItem", it will try to correct it to some nonsensical crap. You can't search for anything with parentheses, slashes, quotes, or dashes. If you specify -linux in your search, you will get results that have the word "linux" and if you search for +linux, you will get results that don't have the word linux. Words inside quotation marks will be searched separately. And the worst part is that MSN search and Yahoo search still don't return results that are as good. Google is actively trying to drive people away and I wish I had a decent alternative that wasn't just an aggregator. Oooor, here's an idea for Google Labs: "Uncorrected search -- where you get what you ask for". I just want to find the docs I need quickly without having to stroke the ego of these dorks that think people want "features" like these.

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