Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adding thead to a Table Generated with ASP Datagrid using jQuery

Datagrid doesn't let you insert thead, tbody, or tfoot into your html. I wanted to scroll the table body and not the head using this plugin.

jQuery("document").ready( function() {

//Make the table scroll with the header/footer stuck in place
var mytable = jQuery("#myTableID"); var h = mytable.height();
//Add the thead that datagrid omits:
//Move the first row from tbody to thead:
jQuery("#myTableID thead").append(jQuery("#myTableID tbody tr:eq(0)"));
mytable.Scrollable(400 < h ? 400 : h, ct.width() + 30);

If you have multiple header rows, just rerun the append line unmodified as many times as you have rows.

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