Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teleconference Fun

Our manager is in training during work hours all this week. Yesterday he used his blackberry to email invite us to a telecon at 630pm. I figure ok, it'll only be a few minutes long, I don't mind calling in from home. So I accepted with the comment "I plan to be home with my family at 7" The description of the event was "Will provide dial in later." So I hung out at work on my email waiting for this dialin number. I waited and waited. He sent the number at 6:28. I was stuck at work for an extra hour and a half. On the call, you could hear that he was at home, but we were stuck at work because he took his sweet ass time sending the details. Thanks a lot. By the way, whoever was practicing piano in the background at your house has a ways to go.

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Pure Vagaries said...

Nice. That's even better than my client, who is on the east coast, that called me to see if I could attend a meeting tomorrow in their office. I am on the west coast. They know this. They actually wanted me to drop everything and get on a red-eye tonight. All because they aren't organized.