Monday, May 05, 2008

Wherefore Art Thee, Aloe?

I ran and walked a total of like 13 or 14 miles this weekend (not sure exactly since the GPS watch is on the fritz). Since I mostly walked at a relaxed pace from like 8/9 miles on and since the weather was perfect, I got a little sun.  Now, no matter how much aloe vera I put on my face, it can absorb more almost instantly.  I'm not sure where the aloe is all going, but I think my face is composed of more plant gel than flesh now.  It's getting very smooth as I progress.  Almost creepily so.  Baby bottoms are like coarse grit sandpaper relative to my face.

On a side note, it's time to give in to wimpiness and start carrying water.  Wimpiness is a funny as hell word though.

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Pure Vagaries said...

Cool, this means you can try out the water belts or camelbak and let me know if you like it!!