Friday, May 30, 2008

Dang Verizon

Verizon updated the firmware of my "free" Westell E90 dsl modem to version I noticed because their stupid domain search is suddenly working again. Now the modem management web pages are all verizon branded and have links to verizon's music and shopping services. It's ok by me so long as it crashes less. Previously streaming a half hour show from netflix without throttling it myself before it gets to the modem would cause an overheat and disconnect right when the shows would get interesting.

The reason their dns is hijacking my typos again is because in my router, I set the first two dns servers like their instructions state (ending in .14) buuut the dhcp is filling in my third dns server name as the modem. I'm not sure how to prevent this in ddwrt while still using dhcp so I switched to a static "WAN" IP. That is, ddwrt serves dhcp to my home network, now ddwrt has a static IP and is all alone on the network behind the modem, and the modem does whatever the heck verizon programmed it to do. I suppose this is ok for now.

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