Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It would certainly be nice if this turned out to be a cure. I'm tired of avoiding the sun and being ultra pale.

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Amir said...

You can use sunscrean it is very safe and now very medicine and cosmetic creams are available which are use as sunscrean but in the presence of vitiligo disorder it is not right to use this sunscreans without the permission of your Dermatologist. I think the search of King's team is very remarkable and black pepper treatment with UV would be quite effective regarding treatment of vitiligo check never loose heart you are not alon suffering from this but 1 to 2% of our population is suffering from this disease for proof see the vitiligo site.It says that only in USA about 1 to 2 million people are suffering from vitiligo. Althoug it is right that vitiligo is harder to cure but i strongly believe that not imposibe, there is not any disease on the face of earth which has not a cure.