Friday, December 21, 2007

AVR and projects

I'm debating getting either this or an AVR Butterfly, but I really need to prioritize the things I'm planning on doing in my spare time so I can at least finish one before having a child. It's a big list and they're all fun work.
  1. Revamp our family website
  2. Write a very specific gui front end for mencoder
  3. Car pc/radio (with NO gps navigation) a la' Ford sync (but better)
  4. Front end or no, just make some stop motion animation using mencoder already.
Part of the lack of getting stuff done is that as soon as I get home, my wife gets home ten minutes later, so I stop whatever I'm doing. The other part is that I never feel like I'll have enough time to start in the first place. Except the second one. I've already started that. I guess it should be priority #1 then.

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