Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quicken -- It's annoying!

I've been "using" Quicken Home & Business 2007 for about a month now.
I'm still not sure what it's providing me. I have no idea what our
household's cashflow is. I don't know how to make a useful budget. I
hate the interface mostly because I can't just look at stuff and click
a line to highlight it without editing it. It doesn't do the one
click update for a few bank accounts (it tried and repeatedly
crashed), but that's ok because the data is easy to download from
their website. I don't care about using it to make payments on my
credit cards (is that really what people want in their accounting
software?). I want to find out how much money we earn, how much we
spend on necessities, how much we invest, and how much I can waste on
stupid things. Not like I'm not computer savvy, I just can't figure
out Quicken! It's a huge pain in the neck.

Right now, what I want is to try out Microsoft Money (I briefly
attempted using TurboCash and GnuCash and didn't like them because
they used accounting terms that I didn't understand and seemed geared
towards business).

Side note, why must applications use shiny skins? I can't always tell
at a glance what I'm looking at in Quicken (for example, it's not just
them, but their program by it's nature has a whole lot of information
on the screen at any given moment). I've accidentally closed the
entire program a couple times. It's annoying!

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