Tuesday, November 27, 2007

driving fun

So, last night it's rainy as heck all through West Virginia and we're going 55mph through half the state until we take a break to eat and switch to my turn driving. The rain stopped pouring which was nice, but it was still late, cloudy, and dark as hell. So we're doing our best to still go 55-60 so as to not miss a curve in the road or anything. When we got to Virginia, the cars I was following finally drove out of sight but it was ok because the road was covered with reflectors anyways. So I'm in a cloud going 60 mph and the road is going to stop about 50 yards ahead of me. Not just no longer visible, but it's visibly blocked by a solid gray concrete wall. My wife saw this too and went from panicked at being on cloudy mountain highways at night to a fully catatonic rigor mortis like state of terror. I had faith however that there was not a wall in front of me and slowed down but still drove straight through it. It was like stepping out of an airplane. Every inch of my being said "do not drive into that concrete wall", but my feet said "let's find out what is on the other side of this wall and why it is on the road." And we drove through the wall. Everything was gray. I was in the Doldrums. There was no sky or ground or other cars. Just me and my wife in her car in Purgatory with the only regret being that I accidentally killed us both instead of waiting for old age. On the plus side we'd probably get to heaven together too after purgatory.

It turns out that in Virginia, they don't put the reflective markers ("Bott's Dots" or whatever you call them) on bridges. 20 feet later we came out on the other side scared fecesless, but unharmed. Death successfully averted, our hearts started beating again a few miles later and we journeyed on. It was a fun drive.

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