Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to Disable Verizon's DNS Searching

First, try to use verizon's guide to disabling their annoying service.

Then give up and use my instructions (For the very specific case of a ddwrt router behind a westell dsl modem):
  1. find out your modem's ip address by checking the ddwrt status page for the WAN gateway.
  2. open the modem ip in your browser and navigate to Status->"Connection Summary"
  3. copy down the dns servers ( and for me). If they don't end in .12 these instructions are probably outdated and invalid.
  4. back on the dd-wrt interface, go to Setup->"Basic Setup" and change your connection type to "Static IP"
  5. Leave everything alone except the DNS settings that are now showing. These are the numbers from step 3 with .14 on the end instead of .12
  6. Tada!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bacula Web on Centos5 "Error Query: 4"

Bacula Web will fail initially with "Error Query: 4" because the db is empty. Specifically, the database record of your tapes or whatever doesn't exist. You can verify this by finding the query in index.php near that error message and running it. Your results will be empty. Try running bconsole and typing "update slots" or "label" if you don't have an autochanger.

Also, mt is in mt-st (run `yum install mt-st`). You need mt for the tape testing part of the setup.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Ask Them To Take The Moneyclip Off First

guy: is there anything that isn't going your way right now?
me: sometimes women throw money harder than I'd like