Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vista View TV Cards Suck?

I'm judging them based solely on their linux faq. Seems clear that Vista View is run by jackasses. Not like they're the only ones who act like immature brats when asked about linux. It's much easier for these guys to let Microsoft write the drivers. I hope they go out of business quickly. I also hope PcHDTV makes a PCIe card soon and drops the NTSC tuner (NTSC is analog tv) to save money.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ocean Crossing

A new ship "is so fuel efficient that it can travel 5,000 miles on one load of diesel fuel."

As opposed to most ships that need a break in the middle to refuel.

Perl on Windows 64 bit

Hey, Activestate, what's the point of offering it if you don't point out to people that no modules are available? That's kinda important since perl is useless to almost everybody without extensions.

I could build them myself, but I don't have the time when running the 32 bit binaries works. It's just 15 minutes down the drain spent trying to figure out the problem with ppm.