Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VA Road Use Fees

Marc Fisher sums up the Virginia reverse lotto road use fees situation well:

Basically, the cheapest ticket a Virginian in Virginia will get just went from about 50 bucks to about 950 bucks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Screw Busch Gardens

To Busch Gardens:
Not disclosing that fingerprints are required of patrons when we buy the tickets is deceptive. I would have gone to Kings Dominion instead had I known, but since we already drove 3 hours I was pressured into giving my fingerprint. I certainly wouldn't have bought a multi-day pass and I won't be going back while there are still mandatory fingerprint readers. If it were only to prevent sharing of season passes, a photograph would suffice. I'm not a criminal and don't appreciate being treated like one.
From Busch Gardens:
Thank you for taking the time to email us regarding your recent visit to Busch Gardens Europe. You can be sure that your comments have been shared with the appropriate leadership team members.

Busch Gardens Europe has introduced Touch N Go, the newest in guest entry technology, to improve our Season Passport members' and our multi-day pass quest arrival process. You as a multi-day holder will be able to enter the park more quickly and will no longer be required to have a photo taken. In addition, Touch N Go guards against identity theft. If you ever loose your multi-day pass, you never have to worry about it being used by someone else.

Thank you again for your inquiry. We look forward to hosting you and your family this season at Busch Gardens Europe.

To King's Dominion:
Yesterday I went to Busch Gardens and was required to submit to a fingerprint scan as a condition of entry. I won't be going back. Does Kings Dominion use or have plans to use fingerprint scanners on guests?
From King's Dominion:
Thank you for your email. We do not require a fingerprint in order to enter our park. You will walk through metal detectors and have your bags checked but that is the extent. We hope to see you soon!

Seems obvious which park is better even though they didn't address their future plans.