Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bugzilla and Jason's Date Input Calendar Together

My coworker complained about having to type mysql style dates. I agreed that it stunk. Some guy named Jason Moon has a nice javascript calendar date picker which I've improved a little so it works better with IE4.5-6 (I did the iframe hack instead of the selectbox hide hack to fix the overlay issue) and also done a few general tiny bugfixes on (you can pass in an empty string for the date and it will default to now or disabled instead of breaking).

Here's a cropped picture of the result:

No more hard to use mysql dates! At least I think. I may have missed some.

If you want, you can get my version of Jason Moon's javascript (here's his script; don't think I did more work than him, I didn't. Please tell him "thanks for making such a great script".) and some of my bugzilla template files
(just the ones that I remember changing for this particular fix) in this zipfile (It's gone forever, sorry). Just copy it to your bugzilla directory (it won't overwrite anything in standard bugzilla), then merge your default template with my datepickerenabled template. Please tell me if you try this or if I messed up in the comments.