Saturday, June 19, 2004

Subversion, Bugzilla

My current main focus is using Subversion and Bugzilla to help manage Paul's latest venture. They're both running on a Windows server which is non-ideal, but Subversion's windows support is great. Bugzilla's is less great since Windows is not yet an official platform.
I also set up Subversion on my home computer, and I now plan to use that plus Mozilla Calendar to maintain the distributed Calendar/todo list that I've been wanting. It's very nice. Feel free to look at my calendar. My biggest gripe is that I wanted to set up iPhpCalendar (as mentioned in an AskSlashdot), but it wouldn't work on windows due to issues that I didn't want to figure out. Oh well, Mozilla is probably better anyways.

Next up, I've got to help Jeremy finish the Bugzilla installation, since I gave the server to him only really 7/8ths done.